About Jake, from Survivor


Name: Jake Billingsley

Gender: Male

Birthday: August 21st

Status: Married

Hometown: Hideaway, TX


Eagle Scout

Best Personality Award

Big Game Guide

Highest Popularity Rating - Survivor Thailand

Actor-Sheriff Jimmy in “After Sundown”

Author-”Shaping My Hat”

Motivational Speaker

Land Broker

Who is Jake Billingsley? - from the forward of his book

“Shaping My Hat” by his wife Jeni

“As Jake and I travel around the country I am constantly asked the same question.  ‘You know him best.  What is Jake really like’?

The answer really is quite simple.  He is nothing more or nothing less than what he appears to be.  Jake is an interesting character and totally authentic.  He is comfortable in his own shirt.

He is as tough as a boot, but as gentle as a lamb.  I watched him sew up a cut on his hand with a needle and thread.  I was with him when he set his own badly broken leg.  I watched him walk down the hall of a hospital one hour after spinal surgery.  I was there when a horse rolled over him on the side of a mountain.  I have seen him out-work men half his age.  I laughed when marathon runners called him a “mutant guide” because he walked them into the ground in the mountains.

He is emotional about things he loves; his family, nature, good movies and anything spiritual.  He is tender and compassionate about life and people.  He loves deeply, purely, and unconditionally.   He takes time with children and they truly love him because they instinctively know he is real.

He is a leader.  People follow him because he is good and fair.  His management style is liaise-faire and he will work side by side with his employees.  As a result, they will do anything for him. 

Two words describe him best.  He is the “eternal optimist”.  He tackles every challenge with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. He loves a challenge and is totally focused on the job until he thinks it is complete.

His greatest strength and greatest weakness is his perseverance.  Jake just won’t give up if he believes in the effort.  Sometimes there is success and sometimes failure, but that never stops him.

He dislikes bullies and those who try to intimidate others.  All persons are equal to him, and that is one of his greatest assets. He is fair, honest, straightforward, and respects others and their opinions.

He is an adventurer and a “risk-taker” and the best storyteller ever. People are mesmerized by tales of his exciting adventures. 

He believes life is about doing your best, conquering your fears, and learning about yourself in the process.  He believes that failures can be the greatest teachers if you learn the lesson.

I had to convince Jake to write this book because he enjoys writing for himself, but his fans kept asking for a “book about Jake”, and finally he agreed.  He loves to write, but his passion is western love stories so this book was difficult.  He has written another book, Coogan, years ago but never attempted to have it published because, in his own words, “I wrote it because I wanted to.  If no one else likes it, so what?”  

In this book, Shaping My HAT Jake gives the reader an insight into his life.  It is much more than a biography.  It is an experience, “chock full” of lessons on how to be a better person and live a better life.  The book will cause you laugh and make you cry, but, most of all; it will inspire you to Shape Your HAT.

In summary, Jake is the most genuine man I have ever met ........”

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